by the Telemegasounds

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RECORDED by JC @ Echo Lab in September 2013


thank you



released March 8, 2014



all rights reserved


the Telemegasounds Texas


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Track Name: fighting with a ghost
when I look out to the end
there's no line
I will harrow all I see
left behind
of mine

hands will reach out
but they can't pull me down
barely noticed, pulling trees
nothing found

we fought a fight
with no fight
Track Name: it never changes
on iron wings we fall thru the sky
it's funny how this is the light
that lets us see and makes us blind

I'm growin old and I'm spinnin gold
don't wanna be
just wanna be young

but things aren't the same as they used to be
so I'll keep walking and talking
if it's all the same to me

we're twelve hands tall and we're made of stone
the earth opens up
it is bursting with bees

we grew up tearing houses in half
I ain't got no fight
it's the one thing I don't got

but things aren't the same as they used to be
so I'll keep walking and talking
if it's all the same to me

the sun is burning out
and it feels the same as it did yesterday
oh no...
why ?
Track Name: shrug...
I just wanna know you
I wanna know all about you
I wanna know what it's like inside you
I wanna know everything
like deeper info on your shrugs
you glide on past, close enough
you've filled me up with twenty visions
of us in awkward poses
Track Name: richard brautigan is the carl sagan of sports
there's a morbid curiosity
I mean I am curious
just to see what you could look like
pictures stole my memories
and the time went right out the window
lost inside eternity

I want to grow some matching wrinkles
etch the years I take into my face
thank you, for your luminescence
radiates beneath the waves in space
where we'll meet to buzz and bloom the days away
to be is just to be conceived
in the mind's eye as serendipity
my guts spillt out
now light shines thru all the holes
and I can see inside of me
Track Name: something about closed doors
skating sparks and figure eights on thin ice
under sunshine and over gasoline

it seems so clear when I am near
but the mask is here to cover it all

I don't want anyone else

tiptoe down to the smallest cove
to see behind bright eyes

growing wings, collecting silver things
I never knew you could be so callow

please don't leave
I don't want anyone else
Track Name: wanderer
I am like my father
frightened just like everyone else
we still find time in the arcade of eyes
a tenuous mouth learned to tell its lies

the same old sea
just when I thought it so unreal
say it's real

I am like my mother
frightened by everyone else
we still find time just before we die
everyone else, they always lie

the same old sea
just when I thought it so unreal
say it's real
Track Name: echo chamber
You make me feel good
like running away from home
in the morning miles I'll see your face
your shining faith
glowing so softly in my daydreams
while outside it's pouring rain
but it's raining on your cheeks
something I said
I'll kiss your forehead
fall back asleep
where you'll dream, dream
dream of me
I'm counting the days til the next time we meet
but I can't find the place
nor the right words for saying
with your fingers on my skin
feels like you're combing thru my soul again
and all I see are those two trees
holding each other against the breeze
now everything's dying
we're losing our leaves
to be born again springtime